I have worked for several years in major multinational corporations (Airbus, Rohde & Schwarz) as well as smaller organisations and companies – in the private sector and in the non-profit sector – with very different cultures and ways of working (La Tribune newspaper, ECFR, Berlin Organics…). On each occasion and regardless of how successful the company was, I found that similar issues and problems kept cropping up: dealing with change, pressure and stress and the need for harmonious and fulfilling interpersonal relationships at work.

As a business coach, I use the same individualised approach as for other types of coaching, and I do not provide ready-made solutions. My aim is to enable the person as a whole – manager or employee – to better develop and be fulfilled in their work and thus to find the optimal solutions for their team or company, using their own resources and skills.

Possible challenges

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  • Everything is constantly changing in my company / work (restructuring, personnel changes, digitization, new standards, new requirements) and I feel overwhelmed. How can I find peace of mind and deal with change with more ease?
  • I have a problem with my manager and I find it hard to address it directly (e.g. she asks too much of me / he seems very dominant or unfair to me / I generally have an authority problem).
  • As a manager, I have a problem with a member of my team, which seems to be insoluble (e.g. he/she is constantly demotivated / unreliable / inflexible / reports constantly sick / takes no responsibility etc). How can I improve my relationship with them?
  • I have a personal problem with one / several colleagues, which has a significant impact on my well-being and the quality of my / our work. What can I do to improve the situation?