Clarity, orientation and stability are the key terms of the life coaching I offer. The first step is to understand the issue in depth and what lies beneath it, and then get a clear picture of your personality (beliefs, patterns of behaviour) and your essence (what makes you special, your core purpose). These are prerequisites to gain or regain a clear orientation. With the concrete implementation of the goal that you work out, more and more happiness and stability can then be created.

Possible challenges

  • I am demotivated and stagnating in my work and I would like to do something else, but I don't know what, or, I know what, but I cannot find the courage to take the step.
  • I have done a lot for others in my life while ignoring my own needs. I feel like I don't know myself / not well.
  • I have a hidden dream that I would like to realize so much, but "it's not possible", it will always remain a dream.
  • I feel like I am a spectator of my own life and I don’t have it in my own hands. I live as a victim and I want to live as a master.
  • No matter how much the external conditions change in my life (jobs, relationships, places where I live, etc.), I always end up in the same, or a similar situation that makes me suffer. I want to experience something new.
  • I want to free myself from the burdens of the past: make peace with my family / parents for myself, understand and challenge old patterns of behaviour.
  • I want to forgive someone (and let go of anger and feelings of revenge).
  • I have a guilty conscience and I find no rest. I want to understand it and forgive myself.
  • I have no orientation in my life, I don’t really know where I am going. I want to understand / feel the meaning and the purpose of my life.
  • My life is difficult and complicated. I long for lightness, joy and natural ease.
  • I have irrational fears / anxiety that make my life difficult.
  • I am always longing for something I don’t have and when finally get it, I am still not happy and I want something more.
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