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The client comes to the coach because they have a more or less specific issue. From a concrete problem at work to a general desire to develop more courage or more self-confidence. In any case, it is important to examine the issue in detail, and to understand what lies beneath it. We do not want to do “beauty repairs”, but to get to the root of the problem.

That is why it is important for me to deal with the person as a whole. I do not think people can be “segmented” (work / relationships / hobbies etc), but that all areas of life are interrelated.

In the first session, we will discuss the issue in depth and set a specific objective for the entire coaching process. Together we will then define the number of sessions you require and establish a personalised timeframe. While maintaining a structure is integral to the coaching process, we will also maintain a degree of flexibility and adjust over the course of the process if necessary.

There are two main aspects
to my approach

1. Working with the personality:

The root of our suffering lies mostly in our deep, mostly unconscious beliefs about life, about people and, above all, about ourselves. We have formed these in childhood and in the course of our lives and have developed the corresponding patterns of behaviour. This is a very natural and vital process that our mind creates to ensure our survival in certain situations. Now, what has proven to work in childhood, for example, may no longer be useful or may even be harmful in adulthood. In any case, it is worth looking at these unconscious patterns and beliefs and call them into consciousness. Only then can you decide what to do with them. In many cases, it is only enough to be aware of them and live a little more mindfully. Change does not always have to be exhausting!

2. Working with the essence:

Your essence is what makes you special. It is the meaning of your life, from which your deepest heart desires and longings spring. It is what lies beneath your acquired personality. As newborns, we were in contact with our essence and trusted life and our fellow human beings in a very natural way. However, almost all of us have lost all or part of this contact.

In my opinion, one of the keys to happiness is to restore and strengthen this contact. The way we live our lives and the choices we have made and still make have been influenced by both our personality and our essence. So we have concrete clues that allow us to distinguish our essence from our personality and thus better identify the former.

An important step is then to work on a vision for the future: how do I want to feel in six months, in one, two, five, ten years? What would I like to experience? How do I imagine a happy and fulfilling life? What is my gift to the world? What words would I use to describe myself in this new context (free, light, courageous, alive, balanced etc.)?

When the vision is clear, concrete steps are worked out to implement it and thereby help to solve the client’s problem.