“Responsibility is no more or less than being at source of your life instead of the victim of life.” Ron Smothermon

Everyday life keeps us busy, things go fast, a lot to do and to think about… We would love to have a break, some time to breathe, but we tell ourselves: “it’s impossible”, “too much to do”, “no time”…

Is it so? Are we doomed to remain spectators of our own lives? Do we have to carry around and repress this diffuse unease, these fears, this helplessness and these hidden dreams? Or do we have a choice?

My answer is yes, we have a choice! We have a choice to explore our deep longings. We have the right to ask ourselves the questions that have been on our hearts for so long. And we have time, if we take it.

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Behind the hectic pace of life, behind the complexity of our world, there are simple and beautiful foundations in each of us. Gaining clarity about these foundations and about what prevents us from recognising them is liberating. Our natural state is happiness. Each of us has a meaningful, exciting mission and a valuable contribution to humanity.

My goal is to help you rediscover your foundations. And you will derive a clear direction for your future from it.

In the different types of coaching I offer, my approach is the same. It is about the question: who am I and where do I want to go?
If you have questions or wish to meet me in person, I offer a free one-hour preliminary session so you can get to know me and the way I work with no pressure.

Julien Sauné,
Certified coach


Based on my personal and professional experience, I have developed skills and interests that make me a specialist in certain areas. And as a human being, I have my own challenges and issues that are near to my heart. All of this is reflected in my coaching offer.

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I was born in 1983 in Toulouse, France and grew up in Paris. I studied international affairs at Sciences-Po university in Paris and gained international experience. My strong interest in German culture, language and mentality led me to Germany after my studies. I have been working mostly as a controller since, and also as a journalist and as a theatre actor along the way.

I took my first coaching training at the Coaching Spirale in Berlin. Combined with a desire to support others and to share my life experience (see know me better), a passion for personal development and a belief that everything is possible, I decided to become a professional coach to help my clients broaden their horizons and pursue happiness.



My vision of coaching
Help to self-help
The coach is there to give an orientation and to initiate the process of change together with the client.
My approach
Working with the personality and essence
In the first session, we will discuss the issue in depth and set a specific objective for the entire coaching process.
Prerequisites for coaching
Openness and willingness to change and trust
There are not many prerequisites for a successful coaching on the part of the client. However, these are necessary.
Methods and influences
Fundaments that my work is based on
I generally work transparently and within the realm of the conscious.


« There are phases in life when you more or less lose touch with yourself because many things come to challenge you at once. It is good to remain attentive and open then. I had this experience again and at this point I contacted Julien. I immediately had a good feeling to be accompanied by him. His professional, empathetic and reserved as well as friendly manner immediately gave me confidence. We found a good way in pandemic times to meet partly in person and partly online, which worked very well. He always brought me back to the starting point of our agreed process, stayed on the topics very consistently and with a lot of empathy and always picked me up on the point with his very pleasant, calm manner. Thanks to his professionalism, after only a few appointments I was able to recognise for myself what I needed in my current life situation. I am very grateful to him for that. I have learnt a lot and I am aware that I also need refresher sessions every now and then, it is as important for me as the prophylactics with doctors. I can definitely recommend Julien - on the way to self-discovery he is an excellent steersman. »
BERLIN (Germany)
« Das Coaching mit Julien ist für mich im Hinblick auf meine berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung sehr wertvoll. In unserer Zusammenarbeit konnte ich viele Möglichkeiten und Potentiale für meinen persönlichen Werdegang erarbeiten und mit ihm gemeinsam in mein Leben einbauen. Herzlichen Dank dafür. »
BERLIN (Germany)
« When you're at a point in life where you have to make a decision and you're just not sure where you belong, where you want to go in the long run and who you actually are yourself, you often hear that coaching would be just the thing. But does the coach really know what makes me tick and what I need personally? I got to know Julien personally and immediately had a good feeling. In times when Corona forced us to lockdown, a major part of our coaching process had to take place online. After just 2-3 sessions, I felt Julien knew exactly who I was and unobtrusively guided me in the direction I needed. Completely on my own, yet with a lot of empathy and understanding from Julien, I reached the answer to my questions. Being able to identify what you need yourself without someone putting it in your mouth is so crucial. Julien guided me through this very professionally and well. I thank him very much for this holistic collaboration and the development I was able to experience. »
BERLIN (Germany)


Call me for more information or to make an appointment.

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Monday to Friday : 9am-7pm | Saturday and Sunday : 11am-2pm

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