I have worked in several countries, in several languages and always in an international context. I became familiar with the challenges of cooperation between different nationalities and cultures, especially between French, German, and British people. I found that in many cases, too little is done to address fundamental cultural misunderstandings and bring everyone on the same wavelength. Short-term financial objectives are often pursued even though the basis for fruitful cooperation is insufficient.

Here again, my general approach remains the same as in other types of coaching: centred on the person and their own resources. My added value will not be so much to provide you with additional knowledge about this or that culture, as to draw on my experience to help you ask yourself the right questions, to which you will find your own answers.

Possible challenges

  • Cooperation of a subsidiary with its parent company in another country.
  • As a parent company, how do I best deal with my subsidiaries in other countries so that they feel understood and communicate openly?
  • Cooperation within international joint ventures.
  • Cooperation within international teams.
  • How should I behave so that my needs are perceived and considered by my foreign colleagues / customers / suppliers and no misunderstandings arise?
  • How should I behave so that my foreign colleagues / customers / suppliers are not offended / do not react aggressively / communicate openly with me?
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