A coaching process is limited in time and the number of sessions is significantly lower than with psychotherapy: usually between three and twelve sessions. Personally, I consider six sessions of 90 minutes (plus one hour for the preliminary session) to be a good standard.

You might ask yourself: how can one work in depth in just six sessions and achieve a sustainable effect?

My goal as a coach is to make myself redundant as early as possible. The relationship between coach and client should not be based on dependency. On the contrary: the coach is there to give an orientation and to initiate the process of change together with the client. The final goal of the client may not yet be fully achieved by the end of the coaching process. It may take longer but the most important thing is that the road is paved. The real work of change and personal transformation is done by the client, and only the client! No one else can make it happen for them. The coach is not a maker and therefore does not give any advice.

The coaching process ideally represents a more or less important turning point in the life of the client.

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